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Sesame Seed Recall as FDA Issues Health Warning for Eight States 7/18/24

FDA Blasts PepsiCo for Response to Salmonella Positives Over Four Years at Quaker Oats Danville, Illinois, Plant 7/11/24

Here's where mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus have been found in Illinois this year 7/10/24

Pesticide dilemma facing Illinois farmers and EPA’s endangered species restrictions 7/10/24

Salad Recall Sparks Warning in 16 States 7/9/24

Wastewater is a viable medium for growing lettuce in hydroponic systems, study shows 7/5/24

Salmon recall: Fish sold in 15 states, including Alabama 7/4/24

Cookie dough recall: Dessert sold in 21 states 6/28/24

Map Reveals Global Water Pollution Hotspots Amid 'Waste Crisis' 6/28/24

Most new gas, diesel vehicle sales would be banned in Illinois by 2035 under proposal 6/27/24

Artificial intelligence beginning to influence Illinois agriculture 6/25/24

A botulism outbreak in Russia leaves 1 dead, scores more hospitalized after eating readymade salads 6/25/24

Dollar Tree left lead-tainted applesauce pouches on store shelves for weeks after recall, FDA says 6/19/24

Cucumber Recall Map as FDA Issues Highest Alert in Four States 6/19/24

Chicago Area Air Pollution Action Day Issued for June 17th 6/16/24

Cookie recall map shows eight states impacted by health warning 6/11/24

Bill improving Illinois drinking water quality never received House vote 6/10/24

Over 78,000 cases of Fiji water sold online recalled due to possible presence of manganese, bacteria 6/8/24